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Handmade Rudraksha Mala Beads From Ubud Bali Indonesia

Handmade Rudraksha Mala Beads From Ubud Bali Indonesia

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I hand selected these Beautiful Mala beads from a local maker while on my travels in Indonesia in 2022. We now have a business relationship and I keep these one of a kind beauties in stock for you. With your purchase of these Mala necklaces your impacting two families lives personally for the better. Thank you!

All one of a kind so colors will vary.  You CANNOT pick color, the mystery is part of the process and the fun of it all!

Mala beads are not only a lovely accessory but a tool to enhance your meditation or prayer. Each necklace symbolically has 108 beads on it. To activate your mala go around every bead with a mantra, prayer, or wish of your choice and take your time. 

Rudraksha beads are considered holy beads and grow on Rudraksha trees in South east Asia, India, and Nepal. There's many ancient legends surrounding these beads but one of my favorite take aways from the vast amounts of information to be found on these sacred seeds, is that their energy is supposed to help influence you to become the master of your own reality and protect you from outside influences such as mercury retrograde and other planatery and worldly influences,  So the mystics say! They also work wonderfully as a scent holder for essential oils comparable to a lava stone.

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